Database hold Countries/Cities around the World (ISO 3166-2)

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Hi, expert,

I would like to set up a website that about travelling.

In order to locate content with different places around the world.
I looking for:

A structured, hierarchical list, in electronic
format, of continents, countries, states (where applicable) and their
main cities.

1. For each continent in the world I want the list of countries
2. For each country I want the list of states (or
   provinces/regions/counties - whatever is appropriate in that country)
3. For each state I want the list of major cities.

North America
  United States [U.S., U.S.A., US, USA, United States of America]
      Los Angeles
      San Francisco

I have heard about "ISO 3166-2", is it the right thing ?
It will be ideal if the list in csv, txt format or in any database format
(probably for free)
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