Serial Connection Problem.

Ok here is the problem.   I setup win2k advanced server to accept incoming serial connections and the win2k pro client to connect to the server.    The client connects at a 4 MBPS speed.  Now that it is connected I am not sure what to do.   I go to network neighborhood and it does not see any other computers.  I have them connected via the LPT1.   I have folders shared on the server because I can map them via ethernet via other clients.



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rjohnsonjrAuthor Commented:
I enabled Netbui on the server and the client and that worked.  Why did it not work with TCP/IP?

mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery ManagerCommented:
You have to enable Netbios over TCP/IP on the server and client. Using WINS probably would have fixed your problem also. It could have been defined in the connection that got created to dial up with or in a DHCP scope to pass to the client.

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wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
lpt1 is not serial for a start, it is parallel.
USB,firewire or com ports are serial.
I think you have a severe naming prioblem:)
serial or parallel connections are ok for networks, but you need null modem cables and the right protocols.
serial is far slower than 4mps, so is lpt1, usb is about that speed, firewire faster, i think.
sounds like the netbeui connection is travelling via another route.

Is this by any chance a wireless setup?
You have a Win 2k Pro client with a direct serial or parallel connection to the server?  Does this client have a network plug?  Any reason you are not using the network to do this?
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