Removing disconnect, shutdown from Windows 2000 Terminal Server client

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Hi we have a Windows 2000 sp3 Server, which is a Terminal Server.  Users who connect from offsite to this server use Terminal Server client.  We would like to limit the use of what the users can do.  We would like to remove the disconnect and shutdown menu.  So the users who are connected to terminal server can only log off.  Any help is appreciated.


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The following registry key will remove shut down from the Start Menu.  Be sure to add Logoff to the Start Menu when using this key.

*****(Copy below this line)*****

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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is there any other way, I would rather not mess with the registry.  I would also like to remove the 'disconnect' as well.. as shutdown


On my Terminal Server I used that key to remove the shutdown options, then reset the default profile and verified it worked.  There are other ways (Group Policy), but I just wanted to affect one Terminal Server box.

You can set Terminal Services Configuration to automatically logoff disconnected sessions.  I don't think that removes the option from the client, but it will prevent the client from reconnecting (as the session would have been logged off).
When I go to Computer Management, Services and Applications, Services, Terminal Services, I see four tabs and none of them have an option called "automatically logoff disconnected sessions".  Where do I go specifically to set that up?  XP Pro connection to XP Pro using terminal services via remote desktop connection.
Two things:

1. XP Professional Remote Desktop does not have the same settings as a Windows Terminal Server, and thus does not include “logoff disconnected sessions”. Remote Desktop really doesn’t have settings other than on/off and who is available to use it, whereas Windows Terminal Servers have a multitude of potential options for configuration.

2. Services is not the correct place to configure either Terminal Services or Remote Desktop. XP RDP settings are under the My Computer properties Remote tab. Terminal Servers can be configured using the utilities provided in the appropriate adminpak.

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