win2k dynamic disks w/ bad blocks

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hello there,

i have a windows 2000 server box with two 80 gig drives in it.   they used to be configured in a mirror using the built-in mirror option in the disk management.   the server was shut down do to the blackout.  it was properly shutdown by a user when power went off before the UPS was drained.   when the server was restarted, it would hang with the HD Act. LED on solid during bootup.   I removed one of the drives and it started fine.   The drive i took out, i ran diagnostics software, wrote all zeros and stress tested the drive, it was fine.  i then reinstalled the drive and tried to re-establish the mirror.  i get an operation failed due to i/o failure.  i open the event log and it's full of errors sayin' bad blocks.

what is the best course of action to move all the data onto another drive?  i usually would use ghost, however with the drives being dynamic, there are conflicts.  suggestions please.  hopefully none of which will result in a re-install.  =)  thank you.
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I would test the "bad" drive in another machine to see if it functions OK.Normally you would "break" the mirror before removing and replacing a drive.

I would try that, perhaps with a new drive.

Since it is mirrored,  you should not have any data loss since the original drive is OK.

For a backup, simply use another hard drive ( not mirrored ! ) and use the built in NTbackup program.

I hope this helps !


sorry, forgotten post.

i actually was able to use ghost to move the data to another drive.  see the following doc:
and used the switch to ignore all bad blocks.

thanks.  please add my points back?

Question closed and points refunded

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