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Not sure how tough a question this will be but here goes

Currently I have 2 domains set up on my network.  We'll call them Domain1 and Domain2.

I have a comuters in the corporate office with a class C subnet.  These computers are on a 10.1.10.??? network.  These computers in the office are all in Domain1.

I also have 3 computers in the corporate office that are in Domain2 that have the 10.1.10.??? network.  

I can see all these computers through network neighborhood.

Now here comes the tricky part

I have computers scattered through out the United states that are on Domain2, with a subnet class of there own.  However they are on a 10.???.???.??? network

For example I may have one site in Michigan with 4 computers.  Lets say they have ip addresses of

and I also have a site in Florida with 4 computers.  Lets say they have ip addresses of

We I browse the network with Domain2 I only see the 3 computers in the corporate office.  ie ip addresses on the 10.1.10.??? network.

So my question is this.  How and What would I need to do to get the computers that are in differnet locations to show up in the network neighborhood?

Hope this all make sense


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You could create DNS entries for them all, or just deal with it. Can those remote machines connect to the server? If so and it is Windows 2000 Server with AD installed then create computer accounts for each one and it should also create the appropriate DNS entries
Set the subnet mask to

You need to install WINS on your domain controller and have ALL your workstations and servers configured to point at it. How are th sites connected? The reason they don't just pop up as expected is because NETBIOS broadcasts don't travel outside of subnets.

John Gates, CISSPSecurity Professional

You will need wins servers or wins proxys at all sites...  you will need to set up push pull replication on the servers to replicate with the main site.  When this is done the network neighborhood will be populated.

What is your hardware setup, how are these machines accessing the network?  In any case a VPN makes these remote machines an extension of your network where file sharing capabilities still work otherwise these tcp/ip ports are blocked in your equipment thus keeping you from browsing the network. Have the clients establish a vpn either by software or hardware depending on your setup.....

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