MDI Interface, Custom GUI(Prompt Driven)

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I'm trying to create an MDI application with one of the children windows being a custom command prompt style interface. Basically I want a dos style prompt in a 32bit window so I can output information to it and also use it to except commands if the user prefers that method versus an actually graphical interface method. If you don't quite understand what i'm saying, let me know :) Please reply as soon as possible because this has been hanging up a project of mine.
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Why don't you use a system console window? See you first need a console - see;en-us;105305 ("INFO: Calling CRT Output Routines from a GUI Application"). It works like

  int hCrt;
  FILE *hf;

  hCrt = _open_osfhandle(
            (long) GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE),
  hf = _fdopen( hCrt, "w" );
  *stdout = *hf;
  i = setvbuf( stdout, NULL, _IONBF, 0 );

  printf ( "Hey, this goes to the DoS Window\n");


The reason I didn't want to use the system console is because one i don't think that i can have it as a child of the mdi window, and two it isn't exactly custom and therefore i don't think will allow me to do what I want. I also don't want it to display the normal windows console prompt or the startup version info of the console :\
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>>I also don't want it to display the normal windows console prompt or the startup version info of the
>>console :\

Try the above :o)

Even though it cannot be a MDI child, it saves a lot of work.


I don't know, maybe I can figure at a way to make it an mdi child, i've seen vb programmers turn a picturebox control into a container that was holding a console app. So it must be possible. I just really wanted something that would be an mdi child and act and resemble the dos prompt :\

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