Export router configuration settings to a text file

Tom Knowlton
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Is there some trick that would allow me to dump all of my router configurations settings out to a text file on my hard drive?

That way if the settings inadvertently get reset or lost, or for whatever reason, I could re-enter the settings from a print out?

My router is a trentNet TW100 - BRF 4

It uses a web page to display and change the settings, which I can access using a browser and going to 192.168.X.X (which is pretty standard).
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You can often ftp into this type of router so will ftp into my router (different make), you can then copy all the files to a directory on your PC.

Other thing you could do is to go into router as normal and do screen dumps of all the relevant web pages, or print to file.
If there's no option on the web configuration pages, probably not. You could try telnetting into the router, there may be an option there.
There are utilites on the web that will allow you to download all pages from a website.  If you use one of these you might be able to save all the pages locally.  I can't remember where to get them off hand, but if you do a search for saving web pages on google, I'm sure you will come up with somthing.

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