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I am trying to configure the following to work properly. At my place of work we have approx. 17 computers on network witha KyroceraMita KM2530. This is a copier, printer, fax and scanner. Everybody prints to this machine. For faxing everytone physically sends there faxes from there. I want to be able to fax from my computer (no modem) using the KM2530 to fax from. I do not want to receive faxes - only send from it? Can anyone help me how i configure the WinFax program for this to happen?
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Alot of office equpment like that comes with the ability to attach to outlook uses a plugin for it that enables you to send appropriately formatted faxes directly to the machine.  This would enable you to fax directly from outlook to the copier. Check to see if it has this function, i am not familliar with that exact product. You may not need Winfax.
In WinFax Pro's option, you can set it to delete the fax that received by it.
for sending by other, you must define that for sendinf, then it will appear in your printer and faxes.


Further problems - after installing WinFax Microsoft Word won't open any files....error...must close program....if i uninstall WinFax the Word documents open fine...Must be a conflict of some kind? Any ideas here?
go to start -> run type   winword.exe /regsevr to fix word. If that does not work, try searching for and delete that, it will recreate it upon launchinf word.
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