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I do not have a seperate AD domain. What I did was in System Manager I created a new recipient list for the new email domain such as . Then created a new storage group and new mailbox store for these mailboxes. I then created an MX record for this new email domain. Now my Exchange server accepts mail for both and email addresses. What I am trying to do now is login in to Outlook with my profile where my mailbox is in the mailbox store and open a mailbox. The thing is I can open the mailbox no problem (not a permission issue) but as soon as I do I can no longer send mail, this is when I get the "the operation failed" error. I cannot send mail again until I exit Outlook and open it again. I can then send mail, as long as I do not click on the other mailbox. Also, if I leave the other mailbox open, expanded, and I restart Outlook, I get and error stating "Cannot create the e-mail message because a location to send and recieve messages could not be found. To add a location, click the tools menu, click Services, and then click the Delivery tab" but Outlook is set to deliver to my mailbox" when I click New Message.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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U have one active directory domain named have two internet domain and
MX records are pointing to ur only exchange server.U have two recipient policy on ur exchange and users can
send and recieve under both name.Now Why did u create another mailbox store?Does each user have two mailboxes assigned to them?If so does each user add the other mailbox to his profile so when he open outlook both
mailboxes appear in his oulook or u are trying to open them in separate windows?Do u  also know that u can have
as many recipient policies but exchange will send email under ur primary smtp address asigned to each user?
Just do a simple test.Add another users mailbox to ur profile from the same recipient policy(give urself full mailbox right first) and see if u still have the same problem.


Here is the situation. My company has a another company under it. We are now going to take care of hosting the other companys website as well as email. The primary reason for the other email is to provide support for the product the other company sells. The support personal work are apart of both companies and are all in the same office. The primary email for these people is, the primary company. The support personal used to use Outlook Express to respond to support requests because express allows spoofing so the emails looked like they were coming from We now want to consolidate everything to Outlook, hence hosting on our exchange server. I set things up as they are because we want everyones settings to remain the same. This way they still have as usual and all support personal have an additional mailbox for the support email requests. It is essential that all can see the emails in order to respond, and we do not want to use a public folder. Each recipient policy has their respective smtp addresses set as the primary. When I add another mailbox from the same recipient policy, all works fine, the problem is when the mailbox is from the other policy. I am completely baffled by this, all permissions are fine, and I cannot be the only person who has tried this.


sorry Darren i wont be able to help to solve this specific problem but if u came to a point that u
thought had no choice then u can try this.
Do not create new mailboxes for ur support staff.Just assign them the policy and only to them.
Go to each memebers outlook and create an special folder and call it respons or whatever.Create a rule
that any incoming email for to be forwarded to that folder so it wont get lost with other emails. buy this utility which will allow ur support staff to send
under domains that are not specified as  their primary SMTP address.
This question was interesting since there is another person on this site asking how to stop his employees from spoofing outlook express .My answer was deny pop3 protocal to users who violate the rule,but he thinks he should
be able to do it without denying pop3 protocal.Have u guys been able to  prevent spoofing without pop3 deny protocal?Good luck even if u could not answer my question.
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I found a way to do this, but not exactly the way I wanted. When I created the new recipient policy, I set it to create mailboxes in a new mailbox store I created. I did this for the sake of backups and administration. Doing it this way I encountered the problem above. Once I set the recipient policy to create mailboxes in the same store as all other mailboxes the problem was fixed. Not exactly what I wanted but it works.

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