QuickFill Recipient Names in Outlook....how do you clear the list

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In Outlook if you fill in an e-mail address to someone and it's wrong, then you fill it in, in another e-mail address the correct way (avoiding entering them in the Contacts) the right and wrong e-mail address appears when you start addressing a messag.

I want to be able to clear this database or "collector" how is that done?

In the short term I turned off that functionality in the Tools E-mail Advanced options, but I can't find out how to delete it.

Is there a .PST file I can manual delete to start that QuickFil database file all over again?

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You can delete the entire file by searching your HD for *.N2K files.  If you delete this file - quite outlook before you delete it & then start it back up after you delete this file.

Or if there is just a few, when you start typing & that bad e-mail comes shows up along with the good one, just arrow down - highlight the bad one & hit the delete key.  

Pete LongTechnical Consultant

Hi ddiqualitytester,
To Flush the Outlook XP Name Cache




The file you are looking for is in docs and settings\your username\application data\microsoft\outlook\outlook.nk2

Delete this file or rename it and your Outlook auto-complete list will start from scratch.

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