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Does anyone know how to merge two identical gradients perpendicular to each other without having a line showing between them. I am trying to develop a background for a web, and I want the top and side to be a gradient so that they meet in the upper left hand side of the page, and meet diagonally. I have tried everything I know, but there is no way I have found to make the connection between them smooth. I think it may have something to do with the way the screen displays the pixels.
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Try merging the gradient in the top layer into the gradient in the lower layer using the "Screen" merge mode. That seemed to work for me.
Make 3 layers. On the bottom layer fill it with the color that would be in the lower left corner. That would be the color of the end of the gradient. On the next layer up make a gradient from your starting gradient color to transparent. Apply that gradient. On the top layer apply the same gradient perpindicular to the first one.

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