My MFC programs are taking longer and longer to load as time goes on!

I'm not great at MFC and copy examples in areas I do not fully understand.  In my InitInstance() I have the standard line  
ProcessShellCommand(cmdInfo) which eventually calls
pFrame = CreateNewFrame(pDocument, NULL);
by debugging the program it is this statement that is taking 20+ seconds.

So persumably I am clogging up some resource somewhere.

It would be great if somebody could point me in the right direction and also say what I should be doing in future to stop this accumulation.

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MFC carries a large amount of baggage around in the std doc/frame/view model. Is your system relatively robust? do you have lots of RAM? You could try writing some apps using just a CDialog to see whether or not ditching the basic model (DFV above) runs any faster. CDialog will let you do a great many things without all the overhead you are experiencing. In any event if you aren't basing your app on a doc/view architecture then its just wasted resources.
Is it taking 20+ seconds in both debug and release?  
chrisbroadhurstAuthor Commented:
No it does not matter if it is Debug or Release mode. I have lots&lots of ram. However, since I have 'regclean'ed the machine, it has improved.  The other (relevant?) fact that this program is using QueryInterface(IID_IWebBrowser2) & CSingleDocTemplate (copied from the mfcie example).  My other MFC programs, not using the IEbrowser and using CMultiDocTemplate, have always loaded quickly.
Doing a QI against IE involves cranking up all of IE and its components. This is an expensive process. You can demonstrate this for yourself by writing a tiny test in-proc server and instantiating this and comparing the load/start times. If you are truly just starting out in MFC you might want to try some easier things to get going. In any event you can write a server in ATL v quickly (there might even be some samples with your SDK - and certainly floating about onthe web). Get one of these and compare the load times.

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I agree.  It is the IE component that is slowing down the load.  It collects tons of baggage over time, including various addins, I think.

What I did was work out a way to bring up my entire user interface *except* the IE window.  Then if the HTML window takes a little time to draw, the user's are not too unhappy.

-- Dan
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