cd & hard drive conflict

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Background: running Win 98SE, two hd's (master/slave). I shut down to add 2nd cd-r, when I turned computer back on, the start-up phase did not recognise either hard drive, and I got "system disk not present, add disk and press enter", or words to that effect. I unplugged both cd's, and was freezing on startup. I removed cd players from Device Manager, ran SFC, scandisk, and scanreg/restore in safe mode to get going again. Now it seems to take a long time to boot, but does eventually, and runs fine. As soon as I add a player, back to the "no hard drive" thing. Unplug player...OK again.

Any ideas?
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How are the drives set

CD R 2 IDE 0
CD R 2 IDE 1

How are they configured
CD R 1 Master
CD R 2 Slave

Most likely you have a problem with the master/slave and IDE  0/IDE 1 setting of your HD's and CD R's


As soon as I connect even 1 player, "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter". No player, no problem. You did lose me a bit with the IDE settings do I change these? I thought it would be a plug n play install.


A few seconds of thought solved the IDE settings.....worked like a charm!
I'm thinking I fried something, turns out pretty basic.


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