Memo highligher

i would like to be able to highlight the seleced text in a selected colour in a tmemo but i can not download components or install anything. it must also be highlighted when the file is opened again (save the fact that it has been highlighted). i must be able to high light more than the one part as well (similar to word). i do not want a reply if it is not possible because it is a waste of points and i only want code that will certainly work no guessing pls
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Bad news is, you can't do that with a TMemo. Good news is, you can do it with a TRichEdit.
gangsterbossAuthor Commented:
well how
First download Synedit package

2. Search "SynEdit" - there will be it
3. Download and install package (stable version, not new CVS)
4. There are demos how to do it - just search.
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gangsterbossAuthor Commented:
deti u been helpful before but read the question no downloads
but TMemo class not support highlighter in fragments of text - it is imposible.
gangsterbossAuthor Commented:
well wot about trichedit then
Use OnDrawItem to Highlight the specied text
gangsterbossAuthor Commented:
i need the code cos i aint to good at this
I not going to paste code here, because I don`t have one, but :

- try to find pos('sometext', RichEdit.Text);
- for loop if this pos is >0 then select this word
- RichEdit.SelAttributes.Color := clBlue; // set color of selected text as blue

I Found out that there is no OnDrawItem on TMemo
I will use TRichEdit

procedure Form1.ColorizedWord(oRichedit : TRichedit; sWord : String; oColor : TColor);
 iSelLength : Integer;
 iSelStart := oRichedit.SelStart;
 iSelLength := oRichedit.SelLength;
   iFoundAt := -1;
     iFoundAt := oRichedit.FindText(sWord,iFoundAt+1,length(oRichedit.Text),[stWholeWord]);
     if iFoundAt > -1 then
       oRichedit.SelStart := iFoundAt;
       oRichedit.SelLength := length(sWord);
       oRichedit.SelAttributes.Color := oColor;
   until iFoundAt = -1;
   oRichedit.SelStart := iSelStart;
   oRichedit.SelLength := iSelLength;

procedure Form1.SpeedButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
     ColorizedWord(RichEdit1, Edit1.Text, clRed) //

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gangsterbossAuthor Commented:
can u redo this code so it only does the richedit1.seltext instead of them all and comment each part cos i don't have a clue how this works and i am trying to learn
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