Freeze during OS X 10.2 installation....

I have OS 9.2.2 running on a blue/white G3 tower w/300GHZ.  OS 9 is running on one partition and I reserved another partition for the OS X installation.  It's an 80 GB HD so I'm not worried about that.  Also have plenty of installed RAM.  

Here's the problem:  When I initiate the OS X installation the machine restarts (I'm assuming it's starting up from the CD in this process).  The grey apple logo appears with a small progrss animation below it.  It does this for about a minute or two and then suddenly, horizontally across the center of the screen is this white static and the machine freezes.  That's as far as I can get!  Firmware and OS is up to date far an OS X installation.  What am I missing?  Thanks for your help.
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Mac OS X installation process reboots the machine off of the installer CD.
Try verbose booting (hold down CMD-v while booting) to have be boot
process throw messages to the display.  You can see how far along
the boot process gets before it goes wanky.

OS X generally installs cleanly on Blue&Whites as long as the firmware is
up to date.  Three things I've seen screw up are:

 1)  Bad RAM.  OSX is (for some reason) much less tolerant of flakey RAM
than OS 9 is.  If you've got bargin-basement RAM installed, pull it out and
see if installation still hangs.

2)  Unsupported Video card.  I don't know which drivers on on the CD.

3)  Wierd USB & firewire devices.  Disconnect everything except the keyboard
and mouse.  If you have to, hook in an external disk drive if you are installing
onto an external drive.

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OS X likes to be on the FIRST partition if there are any partitions at all. Ideally you should use ONE partition and have OS X and OS 9 on the same one.
Actually, on my machine OS 9 is the first partition, OS X is the second partition,
and /Users is the third partition.  And I had no problem installing OS X on the
second partition.

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wec012299Author Commented:
The partition I left free for OS X is the first.  No problem there.
If it's still booting off the CD for the initial installation it sounds like you have a bad CD.
wec012299Author Commented:
The CD seems fine since it worked just fine on another machine.  I think the problem is a) disconnecting all peripherals, b) removing third-party SCSI card, c) lots of chanting.  I'll know tomorrow at work.  Thanks.
Will the machine boot from an OS 9 cd?
wec012299Author Commented:
Not only will it boot from an OS 9 CD, but it will boot to system 9 from one of the partitions.
Ok so the CD drive is fine. How much 3rd party ram do you have in it?
Just a thought, the OS X volume is formatted as HFS Plus and not UFS? If UFS, I'd reformat as HFS Plus. Again, just a thought.
wec012299Author Commented:
It was the SCSI card.
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