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I have a database for a college that I am working on that has one table called programs. This contains the courses of study, required hours, etc. I have a second table that contains the individual courses. I want to make a field in the Programs table that lists the required courses pulling from the list of courses in the Courses table. I'm not sure where to start.
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jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
Hey! sgau1406,

You want to do this with a query.  Use the query design (wizard) to add tables and join those tables.
Select fields by dragging them into the query fields list.

How much have you used Access?


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sgau1406Author Commented:
I haven't messed with queries much. See one program of study contains many courses. But one course may be linked to two or more programs of study. I tried creating the relationship between the similar fields of both tables. Now the courses each have a course number, but the programs do not. Let me draw it out for you:

Table: Programs                                          Table: Courses
Program of study                                         Course number
Required Hours                                            Course Title
Description                                                   Description
*Required Courses*                                     ProgramRef

Each table of course has an autonumber. I've got everything else set up. I just want to have a report that will show the associated courses with each program.
you need a third table:


This lists for EACH single Program, the several Courses that are required

ProgramID is The Primary Key of the Program, CourseID is the primary Key of each Course

You can then easily list the Courses required for any program.

Select Program.[ProgramOfStudy], Course.CourseTitle from Program, ProgramReg , Course
Where ProgramReq.ProgramID = Program.ProgramID and ProgramReq.CourseID = Course.CourseID

and use this Query as the recordsource for a Report:

Program Of Study

Program Of Study

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