management of account privileges

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required performance as follow should be met:

Create an Account for a user,
this account can run the programm that have been installed by administrator.
this account can't install any programme
this account can't delete any files

what's more, I hope that this account can not write or delete files in system disk like C:\

I know once the account login the windows system should write the temp or other kind of files in the system disk , but I dont want this account access C: to modify any important system files.
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No Problem!
this can be achieved but will take some patience on your time.

you must create a standard "user" acount.
they can operate system and save documents but CANNOT change system settings or install programs
then login as administrator and  

1. User profile specific

windows explorer
documents and settings
select the user you wish to restrict
go to start menu / program files for that profile and add or delete programs as necessary
this will enabe those programs to be active for the specific user only

2. Verify individual program restrictions

windows explorer
program files
right click each folder and under the security tab you will find a list of authorized users and profiles
modify to your liking
uncheck the box
"Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propogate to this object"

make sure the users on your system are all set up individually if you require such security!

also just a note...
remember power users can run administrator only programs but with the help of "run as" option

if you don't want somebody to read a file...Encrypt it
there are all sorts of free encryption software out there!


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