Westell Modem, 2Wire Homeportal 100w Router and BellSouth DSL

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I recently purchased a 2Wire 100W Homeportal router so that I could utilize wireless connectivity with my DSL connection. So far, I have not been able to get the 2Wire to work with the Westell DSL modem. After calls to 2Wire (fairly unhelpful) and BellSouth (very unhelpful), I am not getting anywhere. I have surmised the following though.

I need to keep both my 2Wire Router and DSL modem as my Router cannot operate without the Westell.
The Westell Modem provides NAT and DHCP service to my PC
I believe that if I can figure out how to set up my Westell as a bridge vs a Modem, I can get my 2Wire to work.

I opened an Explorer window into the diagnostics of the Modem and I found the following options:

- I can disable the modem's DHCP ability
- I can change the protocol from PPoE to bridge ethernet
- I can enable IP passthrough

Does it sound like I am on the right track? Should I select all the option above? Just as info, I am running Windows XP on my desktop.

Thanks, Bill
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John Gates, CISSPSecurity Professional

I think better still would be to set up your router WAN side (the one connected to the modem) to get its address through DHCP and then set up your router to NAT a new range to your clients..  The double NAT will do virtually nothing to network speed and will allow you to use the router as a router.  Bridge mode may lead to other wireless connectivity problems.

Hope this helps.



The only problem is my router does not have DSL modem capability (I know that term is not right). I need to keep the Westell connected to the phone line but I need to set it up as a bridge. The router would then site behind the Westell Modem and before my PCs. The router would take over DHCP and NAT. Right?

Any feedback on the questions:

- I can disable the modem's DHCP ability
- I can change the protocol from PPoE to bridge ethernet
- I can enable IP passthrough

I found all of the above options in the setup of my Westell modem. I know enough to be dangerous about networking. IMHO, I would say to do everything from the list. Agree?
Security Professional
The modem will more than likely not be able to be changed.
Yes.  Your router can take over the DHCP and NAT for your client machines.
If the bridging and IP pass through is reliable then yes the above should function fine =-)
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