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I now have a Dell Dimension XPS R450 running WIN 98 with a Belkin router (wired NOT wireless) networking it to a VERY old Dell running WIN 95. I have a cable internet connection so the router is plugged into the cable modem. I am adding  new Dell 4600 wiht WIN XP home edition and plugging a Wireless Access Point into the Belkin router and using a USB wireless adapter in the new 4600. The question is... where do I install my firewall (I don't have one right now) and what firewall do I use. Do I install it on the "server" running win 98 which is connected to the cable modem via the router??? I know nothing about firewalls but I know I should have one!  
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Run a personal software firewall per machine


Put a firewall in between cable modem and router
(I run Smoothwall - - on an old 486)

You said you have a router, it will act as a firewall. No need to do anything else.
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It is better to have a personnel firewall like Zonealarm on your machine.

Unless you do "port forwarding" on your router , externally it will not be possible to connect to your machine though from your computer connections will go outside.Some routers do come with in-built firewall protections but it is always advisable to have
a personnel firewall on your computer.

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A router is a hardware firewall and it is much better than a software firewall.

What model is the Belkin router?  It may, or may not, do what you are looking for...  not all routers are created equal :-)
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If you are using a router with NAT (Network Address Translation)  Then this provides some protection.  A better choice of firewall to provide all of your machines with protection would be a SonicWALL  These devices also have multiple ports eliminating the need for a hub...  

Hope this helps.

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