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MOTHERBOARD: Epox 8RDA3+ nForce2 chipset
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2700+ 333MHZ FSB
MEMORY:Corsair XMS (2 x 256 = 512MB total) 400MHz
VIDEO CARD: MSI TI4200 GeFOrce 4 Titanium 8xAGP dual VGA

My system runs pretty smooth when I am running one program, when I run more programs, it starts to get choppy and sometimes will spike the processor. When I leave my system idle for just a little while (5 min. maybe) my machine will freeze up and I can't do anything to recover from the crash, forcing me to restart. I have updated my bios, and adjusted my memory timings in the bios to those specified on the Corsair website whitepapers. I adjusted my clock multiplier to 13 (specified by AMD according to the Athlon 2700+ whitepapers) and the front side bus frequency to 166MHz. Can someone help me troubleshoot why my machine is running chunky?

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What O/S?

If it freezes just by itself (nothing running), you may have a heat issue.

You may also want to take a look at what is running on the computer. Any unwanted/unknown processes?

You have done a virus scan lately, no?


what Operation system that u using?


I'm running Windows 2000, my computer is very protected and clean from spyware and virus...I bought the processor that came with the heatsink and fan. I have 6 fans running in my computer and it stays pretty cool...I can't remember the exact typical running temp....(I'm at work so I can't check it)...I also am running two hard drives, a floppy drive, and a cdRW drive, I think (but don't quote me) my power supply is 350W...could it be a power supply issue? Could it be an IRQ issue maybe - I'm not real familiar with IRQ's, but I noticed that two usb devices overlapped an audio device...
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If it were a hardware conflict, you'd probably get a crash as soon as the conflicting devices
are used, not when running idle. You may have something scheduled that tries to run, but
cannot, or you have some spyware or similar causing hiccoughs. I'd look at running processes
and the autostart menu first. Kill all unnecessary activities, see if that helps.

Clean up hard drive
1) del any c:\file####.chk
2) del all temp files (*.tmp) in c:\temp & c:\windows\temp
3) Cntl panel - internet options (or rtclk desktop Blue E & click prop's) (or in IE click Tools - internet options): click delete cookies, delete files, & clear history.
4) Open Windows Explorer - expand in left pane to c:\windows\temporary internet files, hit shift + * on numkeypad to expand all of its subdirs - if there are any files still in there or any of its subdir's - delete them.
5) run scandisk & defrag

Start - Run - msconfig & check for all pgms that are starting up
Start - Run - msinfo32 & look under software env - running tasks

Check devmgr for any yellow ! or red x devices that are working properly

Boot with bootdisk & run "scanreg /fix" from the dos prompt

Try these memory testers to check your ram

I agree it sounds like a heat issue. What's your CPU temps when under load? A silly question, but did you remove the cellophane wrapper from the thermal tape before you installed the heatsink?

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