There is already an Object named ‘PK_Users’ in the database Error..............

I’m trying to transfer a database to production using DTS, I get the following error.

There is already an Object named ‘PK_Users’ in the database
Could not create constraint. See previous error.

How would I get rid of this error or fix it so I can transfer the database to production server.

Any help would be appreciated

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Most probably that's because the DTS attempts to create a primary key constraint with a name that already exist in another table. You can either check the table creation script if there are more than two statements create primary constraint with a same name or check the database if there is a table has primary key with the same same.

Hope this helps
You can't get rid of the error.

Effectively what is happening is you are attempting to create a Primary Key (PK) on the Users table.
Either this already exists in your production database (perhaps you have run this DTS package before, no?), or you DTS package is attempting to create it twice.

Option 1:
Remove all indexes, constraints (and possibly even tables) from production server prior to DTS package running. Obviously this will result in data loss, but the error will go away :)

Option 2:
Import data only. Don't import structure.

Option 3:
Create your database on the production server wikth T-SQL script, and step through it and debug. Then you can use 'if exists' to determine whether or not constraints need to be added.

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