Illegal Operation

My computer is HP brand compatible with MS windows 98 second edition.

My problem is that while working on the computer, especially on office application, an error message "Illegal operation" always appears. I though there could be some problems with MS office, so i decided to remove office and reinstall it back, but still.

Because the same problem still happen, I made another decision to format the computer. After I installed windows 98, there is no problem. but when i continue to install office XP and do a restart, a message come up repeatedly saying "Illegal operation".
So I remove office XP and replace it with office 2000 professional and the problem seems to disappear.

But after a few days, again the same problem.

Is it a problem with hardware ? I do a surface scan on the harddisk already but there is no bad block found.

Please help.


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>> a message come up repeatedly saying "Illegal operation"

that message just only... "Illegal operation" ??any else mentioned in that message?
Next time you get the error message, click the details tab. Make a not of the message - it will be along the lines of:
"XXXX caused and error in module YYYYY". Just the program and the module will help narrow down what is causing the problem

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