Windows 2000 pro installation cannot complete. Comes up with several STOP errors each time.

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I am trying to install Win2000 in a new machine I built. Formatted okay but Setup starts copying files, it gets to about 24% then will come up with a different file name that it cannot copy each time. If I hit ENTER to retry it cannot continue. and when I skip the file it won't copy the following one. skipping more than 2 files I get stop different stop errors each time. I have an ASUS p4g8xdeluxe motherb. updated bios to rev.1006, p4 3.06ghz, 512DDR memory,80GB Western Digital HDD and ATI 9000PRO all in wonder card. system has voice POST messages that say POST is sucessful and when trying to install the OS is when I get the different error messages. some examples are IRQL not less or equal to, Page fault in non-paged area, ACPI BIOS not fully compliant with the ACPI specs. and many more
 need help soon please

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have u try to change others win 2k setup CD and also ur CD-rom?

I have two suggestions, one of which may sound a bit silly:

1.  Spray either window cleaner or water on your CD and wipe it with a soft cloth.  This sounds strange, but it has worked for me many, many times.

2.  If that does not work, boot with some sort of boot disk, like a Windows 98 boot disk.  Copy the entire CD to the hard disk and install from there.  If you have access to a Windows 98 or ME machine, you can create a boot disk compatible with most CD readers from within Add/Remove Programs.  You will also find several boot disk images at .

If option 2 fails to work, you can either burn a copy, try a different reader, or get a new disk.

Best of luck.

Networking Engineer
iamsam ...I've only read the first two lines from what you've written, but I can tell you 99% sure that you need to change your RAM stick(s)
download from the test and let it run for 4 hours. I bet it will show errors.
If you have 2 RAM sticks, just try installing with only one of them. See wich is damaged (if not both)
Win 98 might work, cause it's not so choiceful, but if I were you I'd change the RAM, I guess it's still under have a nice piece of box there... hmm
Good Luck

P.S. the end i've read your whole post  ;-)
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I agree with Kronostm, RAM is a likely cause although memtest isn't guarenteed to give true errors.  I used to work for a memory company and we used it occasionally and it gave incorrect errors quiet frequently.

Also try slowing your PC down by lowering the FSB settings and disable any BIOS caching.
I was reading those RAM suggestions thinking how silly they were.  Then I actually realized that I failed to read the entire post.  :)

I'm thinking something hardware related as well.  Scratch my original suggestion.

iamsamIT Support Engineer


yeah guys you were right, The memory sticks I had were double sided DIMMS, my motherboard is compliant with the single sided DIMMS. I wonder how stupid I was not to consider that.
Mobo required RAM is PC1600 or PC2100 DDR RAM non-parity or parity single sided DIMM.
I had PC2100 DDR parity double sided DIMMS.
I will try to exchange them for the latter ones if the company will agree.

Thanks a lot everyone
Adrian DobrotaNetworking Engineer

iamsam....I'm glad "WE" could help  ;-)
cheers everyone

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