Can Auto-Increment Column in DataTable decrement automatically?

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hi guys,
Got a problem here when dealing with DataTable.
I have a datatable with an Auto-Increment Column that counts the number of rows in the datatable. It works perfect when I insert records to the datatable.
However, when I tried to delete some rows from the datatable, the Auto-Increment Column seems unwilling to decrement and the existing values in that column remain unchanged.
Is there anyway that the value can automatically increment and decrement as I insert or delete records into/from the datatable? Can somebody suggest?
Thanks heaps!
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if all u need is to count the rows u can use datatable.count
using the auto-increment field to count rows is not a good idea bec as much as i know it can't be decremented


I got it.
I have written my own codes to keep track of the sequence number of rows in the datatable. merci boucoup.

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