MS Word developed intranet webpage and Hyperlinks to different network drive

I am having a problem creating an internal webpage while trying ot get a hyperlink to a folder on a different network drive to where I store my webpage.  I am using MS Word to develop the webpage.  Here's what I am doing:
1.  I create a hyperlink to a folder on another network drive in MS Word.
2.  I try the hyperlink from the webpage and I get the page cannot be displayed message.
3.  I edit the hyperlink using notepad to use the UNC path to llok like href="V:/test folder
4.  The hyperlink works.
5.  I go back into word and the hyperlink in the html source looks like href="V://test%20folder
6.  i exit again without making any changes and the hyperlink is still working.
7.  I go back into Word and add a new hyperlink, not touching my first one.
8.  My old hyperlink is back to returning the "page cannot be displayed message".

Any ideas how to stop this from happening or how to get steps 1 and 2 to work first time ?

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Where does your V: drive map to?  

For example: If the V: drives maps to 'test' on 'testserver' the hyperlink should read \\testserver\test\test%20folder\test.html

Hope this helps.
What platform is your webserver on?

Does your webserver have a drive 'V' mapped to it? If not, you will need to use the UNC form of the link instead of the mapped drive (\\targetserver\test%20folder\index.html).

this probably isn't very helpful, but i think the problem is that m$ word is altering your manually edited code... It isn;t really designed to be a web editor, so is worse than most wysiwyg site programs.

maybe you should do all of the coding in word, then do all the manual editing.
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>>>Any ideas how to stop this from happening or how to get steps 1 and 2 to work first time ?

Yes.  Don't use word to generate web pages.  It is just about the worst thing available.  It screws up the hyperlinks, because it does not really understand tehm.  It screws things back up when you ge back and edit it, because it regenerates the same trash code.  It does not matter what you edit, whenever you save the page it re-generates the trash you fixed in notepad.

Use something that is intended to generate HTML.  Virtually anything is better than using word.


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BTW using names with spaes in in causes you no end of problems.  I would avoid them if you can.

Don't use Word. It's completely awful, NOBODY can do anything decent with it and it will MOST DEFINITELY screw up anything you try to do.

There are lots and lots of free/cheap tools out there that are orders of magnitude above Word.

If you want to do a printed, mostly text, document, Word is excellent. If you want to do ANYTHING else, you need to choose the RIGHT tool to do it. That will NOT be Word. ;-)
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