Upgrading 95 -> 98se

       I have just walked into a job and am in the process of upgrading their old PC's to at least 98, as some of them are still running 95. I have looked around and have found a Windows 98 SE Upgrade disk.

When i try and upgrad using this disk, it says i need to upgrade 95 to Windows 98 first, and THEN to 98 se !!
Is there a way around this? Maybe coping over certin files from the CD to Windows DIR??

Any help with this matter would be appricated.

Kind regards,

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Do you have Win98 licences for all the machines you intend to upgrade?
AnttnAAuthor Commented:
I am planning to upgrade this first one (which yes, i do have a license for) to see if some new software we are testing will work with 98 and our network.
I have just started here and need to begin testing ASAP, so other machine's don't bother me at the moment.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
OK well firstly I'd guess what you have is the Win98SE upgrade from Win98 CD.  This doesn't contain the full 98 OS (just tweaks the first edition into the second) so you'll need either a Win95 to 98 upgrade disk or this can be done with a full 98SE CD.  Do you have either?

M :o)
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The answer is no, you cant do it, from 95 to 98 SE not possible, so think quick on what you now want to do, look's like you have to spend some money, just buy 1 98 SE FULL OS CD and many many license's.

YES you can - boot with dos bootdisk with cdrom drivers
goto c:\windows\system & rename win.com to win.old
then run 98SE setup.exe.

For verification see these:

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let me just add that if you already going to to spend mony on 98 lic and if the computers are old - one may consider  to install one strong terminal server on which the application will be installed and that way no need to upgrade 95 and you will get better performence on the client side.
rename win.com to win.old
or buy windows 98se upgrade
craig, I already stated that "goto c:\windows\system & rename win.com to win.old"
AnttnA, If my 1st comment helped you, please click Accept by that comment to award points & close this thread.  If you still need help let us know.
AnttnAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help guys :)
Sorry i didn't reply sooner, had the weekend off and didn't have a chance to test till this afternoon.

Thanks again mimicsu and all others :)

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