Reading the contents of NDS (Novell Directory Service) with VB

khokhar28 used Ask the Experts™
can any one give me a tip/Code about accessing NDS with VB. I need to get the User info and so on.
Any help will be appreciated.
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you could try this

title : VB Sample: Read DSI Information from NDS Objects
source :


Sample code which shows how to use Novell low level APIs to retrieve DSI information
and to convert NetWare time stamps into VB format

To keep the code simple, only little error handling is implemented

APIs demonstrated

Required Modules Source

Netware.txt VB Libraries for NetWare -
VB_Util.bas VB Helper functions - comes with this sample


hope this helps a bit

The best is usiln LDAP.

It is LightDirectoryAccessProtocol ans as it name says it can do light things only (you nedd only name so it is light).

You have to know your NDS structure and use simple ADO to query.

Simple example :
Conn.Open "ADs Provider", _
          "cn=Administrator,ou=members,o=microsoft", _

SQLStmt = "SELECT cn " & _
          "FROM 'LDAP://LDAPSERVER:1003/o=microsoft/ou=members' " & _
          "WHERE objectClass='*'"

Set rs = Conn.Execute(SQLStmt)

If it is abig work and you need a lot of info from the NDS then try to search for LDAP on the web.

Maybe this tutorial from novell helps you:

Unfortunatelly the referenced Part 2 doesnt exist.
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Hi all,
sorry I got stuck in some other urgent calls and couldn't try your suggestions. I'll get through with these and come back to you.


Hi all, I have got my problem solved from another link in internet which I have forgotten. But if any one is interested in the sample program I downloaded can just ask me and I'll send him the project file.

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