Self typing, hacker or virus maybe?

this has only happened a few times and not for a while, I dont have the full details as its a customer thats had this problem
whats happened is a few times the computer has appeared to type by itself, whats typed doesent appear abusive or even make sense just appears to be random words, when its typing each cahracter starts off as  3 dots which then expand into the character (or word that wasnt clear), this has happened on an external web page and in word.
Could this be some kind of virus? or could a hacker have been doing this? why a hacker would make it obvious they were there I dont know though.
The computers quite new running xp pro on an internal network using a netpilot to access the internet
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hello There

Sound more like someone playing with remote desktop connection to me :0)

Make sure its disabled

But to be on the Safe side - specially at the moment ;0)

Virus Checking

If you cant get the PC to boot you will need to scan from Dos

Online (Free) Virus Checking can be done at

SYMANTEC (You must have ActiveX enabled on your browser for it to work!) 

Trend Micro (Housecall)

But You really Need some good quality Anti Virus Installed!


AntiDote Lite

The BIG Boys in AV


Symantec (or the firm formally known as Norton)

Sophos (This Protects My Corporate Network)


Run a check to see what ports are open.  Close anything that looks out of the norm.

Install a firewall program suck as BlackICE or ZoneAlarm.  This will allow you to block all data on specific ports.
You will then be able to check to see if the "typing by itself" coincides with network activity.

As well as a virus scanner download a spyware scanner such as AdAware or SpyBot.  Spyware can cause you all sorts of trouble, including the problem you are describing.
You may find this helpful.

List of known Trojan/Backdoors and the TCP/UDP ports on which they operate
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sshuttAuthor Commented:
cheers, sounds like my boss should be selling them some more software and support time, it seems to have stopped for now though
> Could this be some kind of virus?

No. It is Remote Control. (Which may have been installed by some kind of a virus. Could have been a human)

> or could a hacker have been doing this?

ok, they may think so

> why a hacker would make it obvious they were there I dont know though.

Hackers are too smart. You may have run into someone inexperienced, either a script kiddie, or hacker wannabe, or experimenter, or someone trying to run a program they don't understand to share files or resources. It could even be the customer, having started to set up some freewares from the web, for who knows what? Keylogging?

> sounds like my boss should be selling them some more software and support time,

does your client use a wireless keyboard?

there have been circumstances where someone with a wireless keyboard has been overtaken by a neighbour using the same type of keyboard.

(probably not the case, but it's wise to check!)

sshuttAuthor Commented:
oh we've got it solveed, wasnt a hacker or remote conne tion or wireless, it turned otu they'd managed to turn on windows xp's speach recognition and it wwas picking up what they were saying and not being trained typed garbbage
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