Random error messages "error loading picture" or "low on resources" and strange behavior

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My system behaves a bit strange. Applications sometimes won't display bits of the graphics and sometimes gives me the error messages above. When clicking OK on the error message dialogs Windows starts doing all sorts of weird things. The taskbar moves to the top of the screen and most of the windows are not redrawn correctly. When moving the mouse pointer around I see random changes in the graphics. Moving large areas of one color etc. Most of the time the problem goes away, at least for the moment, when I close _any_ of the open applications.

I am running Windows 2000 Server with all available SPs. As far as I can tell, I am not low on memory (the system has 512 Mb and the task manager tells me that the memory in use is nowhere near that).

The graphics card is a ATI Rage 128 Ultra (I think, maybe a "pro" should be inserted too), it has 16 Mb. I have been blaming this card for the failures so far :) Nut I have no real evidence and it didn't help to upgrade the drivers.

I don't know where to start looking actually. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Pete LongTechnical Consultant

You have done the obvious and downloaded the latest Driver for the graphics card??

Find out EXACTLY what it is first

Find Out System Information


Belarc Advisor

SiSoft Sandra

WCPUID (CPU memory an motherboard info)

OR If you are getting messed about give this a try (Ive not used it though)

If you need drivers go to

I had a strange problem once with graphics which was down to a PSU problem.  Make sure its beefy enough.  Does it happen if you use the standard VGA driver?  Try dropping the colours to 16bit from true 24bit.

is the machine overclocked in any way? Try slowing down the FSB to see if it helps this problem.


Belarc says Rage 128 Pro. (I think the "Ultra"-part is some kind of nickname). I have tried various drivers from ATI and MS, but the problem is still there.
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I have now changed the color depth to 16 bit. I'll try it out for a while to see what happens. (I don't know exactly how to test if the problem is gone, it is a bit random).


Thanks for the suggestions, I have now tried lots of drivers and with 16-bit colors but unfortunately the system stills behaves the same. I haven't checked the PSU (I don't really know how to). But since the system is a standard pre-built configuration I hope it's powerful enough.

Is there a way I can find out what "resources" I am low on? It's not the standard-RAM, but besides that I have no idea.
It seems the problem was that I was running an anti-spam program (popFile) that has a bug which consumes all available GDI-objects if it's run with an icon in the task tray. I disabled the tray icon and the problem has gone away. Thanks for your time and suggestions!

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