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I have a AJP laptop with a 1000MHz Intel Celeron and 2x128MB RAM. A few weeks ago the CPU were broken and I bought a new chip. Now if I switch the laptop on the system can not read all memory just 128MB with 96MB for Windows 2000 and 32MB for the graphic card.

I have tried all combinations of the two RAMs. Every time it reads only one 128MB. I checked both RAMs are ok. Do I have to update the bios after I changed the CPU or could it be something else? It seems the graphic card  do not working properly too. The colours are very light and I can not change it on the screen.


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It could be the motherboard.

I am guessing the memory worked OK before together?  If they both work on there own then there may be a fault with the 2nd SODIMM slot.  Can you test both slots?  If thats the case then you want a new motherboard too.

Make sure you have the correct drivers for your graphics card.  You can get them from the OEM site of probably www.driverguide.com (UID - drivers password= all)

You can try resetting the BIOS to default settings but I doubt very much that will help.
try this :
Put 1rst ram on first slot : it's work ?
Put 2nd ram on first slot : it's work ?
Put 1rst ram on second slot : it's work ?
Put 2nd ram on second slot it's work ?

If you can answer yes on this 4 test : Your ram are ok, and slot too : So stoner79 are right you have a motherboard problem
If not : you have a problem on 1 slot : find it ....
If you give me the result, i can help you more
Did you change to a different CPU or same type/same speed?  If it's different, then your motherboard might not even support it (or give weird errors?).  Check your motherboard manual and see if that's the case.  A BIOS upgrade might help 'cause new BIOS for the same board could support more chips (the same type but higher speed)

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