ActiveX Control to allow me visually move tables around restaurant floor plan

freedmanrp used Ask the Experts™
I need to deisgn a table floor plan that is end user configuerable and will allow me to move tables around the floor plan and assign customers to each seat.

Any ideas,

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I have done something similar in the past.

There is no quick way to accomplish this.

One way

Create a form Form1
Add a textbox to the form Text1
Set the DragMode property of the textbox to automatic

When you run the application you can drag the textbox around

place the following code in the form

Private Sub Form_DragDrop(Source As Control, X As Single, Y As Single)
    Text1.Top = Y
    Text1.Left = X
End Sub

this should place the textbox +- in the position where you lifted the mouse

Hope this helps.

If you need more info on loading the textboxes dynamically, post it to this board.


I think AnySharpKey had a good idea, if you want you can substitute the texboxes with small drawings of the tables in pictureboxes, and then put textboxes in the right places (on the chair zone) for the customers names! ;)


Thanks very much first of all for replying.

This might work but there must be a control on the market that provides for CAD development.

I just found myself this:- although i have no idea if it will work
Well, ok, you didn't say what was the final purpose, I thought it was a program to manage the customers of a restaurant or something like this! :)
I didn't know it needs to print out high definition printings of the situation or that it needs to do runtime drawing of the items --imo these are the only features that would justify a CAD like approach to it--
Anyway, good luck! ;)

freedmanrp, first of all thanks for the points, then if you need some more info just ask here!


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