ATA100 v ATA133 & Intel celeron v Intel P4

Hi ive got two questions...

1 - What is the practical difference between ATA100, and ATA133 (both 80GB, 7200 rpm) - which is better and is one more compatible with older systems etc? Both seem similar in price so which would be recomended for a new system?

2 - What are the relative merits of the following chips:

Intel Celeron 2.6GHz, Socket-478, Boxed
Intel Pentium 4, 6.6GHz (478-pin), 533 MHz Bus

The P4 is twice the price of the celeron what i want to know is do i get anywhere near twice the performance? Or are there other pros/cons i should be aware of?

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1) If you have an ATA133 capable motherboard or IDE board AND if you have appropriate drivers for your operating system to support ATA133, then you MAY get slightly better performance.  The problem (assuming that all of the other conditions are met) is that most drives in the "consumer" variety today cannot sustain ATA133 speeds so you don't really get full benefit from the bus speed.  Most benchmark tests show that ATA100 and ATA133 drives perform about the same.  You often get MORE benefit from an 8MB onboard cache.

2) There is NO P4 6.6GHz chip on the market now or even announced.  So I'd stay with the Celeron 2.6GHz!!  If you mistyped and meant the P4 2.6GHz, I'd say save the money and go with the Celeron unless you are needing the SLIGHT extra speed for some sort of analysis program or similar.  In general, these two chips perform about the same when running most applications.  In MY OPINION the P4 is NOT worth the extra money for what little REAL WORLD performance you get!

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I agree wiyh jhance except if you are into heavy gaming or graphical development, in that case the P4 will be slightly better
Isn't that what I said already??

"...Celeron unless you are needing the SLIGHT extra speed for some sort of analysis program or similar"
chrishqAuthor Commented:
Thanks jhance quite right it was a typeo i did mean 2.6ghz :)
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