Embedded Programming Thru VB.[URGENT]

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Hi All!

I need to Integrate my toll mgmt S/W with Boom Barriers & Smart Card System so that
the barrier opens only when my s/w issues a command to it.The smart card system should work
so that when the user places his card on the reader the appropriate transaction should be entered
into my database.

The Communication will be thru RS-232(COM port).

Another problem,Only one COM port is available as the mouse is connected on the other.
And i need to connect both the boom & the smart card reader to COM port.

How do i DO this?Experts,Pls help.This is urgent.

Anyone who has experience of doing such programming Pls Help.

Thankx to everyone!!
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You will have to use MSComm ActiveX Control for this purpose. Set a reference to this control from VB>Project>Components. There are some Barcode examples on www.planet-source-code.com and www.freevbcode.com that will give you a very decent idea about interacting with RS-232.
My Recommendation: The provided links contain good examples to answer the question.

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