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What is the maximum size allowed for a row in Oracle. In SQL Server 8060 Bytes per row are allowed. Do we have any restriction in Oracle? Also could any one provide me a detail description on the "maximum capacity specifications"  in oracle 9i.

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The maximum # of rows for a table in Oracle 9R2 is 1000, and the limit for VARCHAR2 is 4000 bytes.   In most cases I think you'd have a lot of trouble hitting that limitation...

This link contains some pointers that might help you:
Here's the reference manual for Oracle 9R2... Look in chapter 4 for all your Database Limit questions.
You may want to check out this feature comparison as well... it's between 9i and SQL Server..
AmbienceAuthor Commented:
If I have 1000 columns in a table and each of the column is of varchar(4000) size, It exeeds the 64 kb page size. How does oracle handle this?
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
If the size of a single row is larger than a the Oracle block size, then the row is split into multiple blocks.

This causes multiple I/Os to retrieve a single row which can lead to performance degradation.

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