How to get data type of database column using asp

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Hello everybody!
I’m developing a solution in classic asp and msSql and I need to capture the data type of the column (whether char/integer/etc).  Any suggestions as to how it can be done? Any help welcome…
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datatype = oRS.Fields("fieldname").Type

it returns a numeric value. some databases have their own types, so there's no complete list of what each number means.
This is the basics at least for the databases I have worked with.

Case 2,3: Long
Case 17: Integer
Case 4,5,6,131: Single or Double
Case 11: Boolean
Case 7,135: Date
Case 129,130,200,201,202,203: String

additional: I have found typenumbers 128,204,205 to be BLOB. But is SQL Server datatype "timestamp" also returns 128
    thanks for returning :)


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