Converting pentium 1 machine to pentium 4 machine

I have a Pentium 1 machine with 1.2 GB hard disk and 16 MB RAM .
Either the CPU or the mother board is not working.
Since I cannot get a Pentium 1 motherboard  , can I upgrade my machine to Pentium 4 with the same components that I have i.e, just by buying the pentium 4 CPU and motherboard will the system still function ?
Do any changes have to be made to the CMOS setup ?
Will all the components be compatible with the pentium 4 intel motherboard.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
:0) The issue is more Will the new motherboard fit in your OLD case!!

Plus you old case may well be an AT case (Modern motherboards are ATX = different shape)

The Power supply units are different too :(

And new motherboard and CPU will almost CETAINLY mean new RAM

You best bet is to but a motherboard/CPU/Memory bundle

and also buy an ATX case with a fitted PSU (Power supply unit)


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You also will need a power suply and /or new casing  and I'd recommend you also buy memory, some old Intel motherboards (MoBo) will accept your memory but the system will be slow also most P4 MoBo won't accept ISA cards, so if you only have PCI cards the answer will be yes.  As for the CMOS setup it will be different for the new MoBo.
yogi_shailendraAuthor Commented:
i think i have to buy a new comp case motheboard cpu and all.
Thanx for your suggestions
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
yogi_shailendraAuthor Commented:
I don't want to dispose the system because I bought it at a heavy price around 7
years back.
Can u suggest how to correct the defective system ?

The problem started like this :

The system started rebooting every 10-15 minutes.
After a few days I had to bang the system at the top to get it start.
Now it doesn't start even after banging.

I thought it was some loose connection so I opened the system and
tightened everything possible .I even opened the power supply and checked it .
There is nothing wrong with it .
There is nothing wrong with the VGA card or hard disk.
What possibly could be the problem ?
Is there something wrong with the CPU or motherbord ?

Is there some simple way to check the mother board ?

if the windows is booting ever 10-15 minuts then try chnging ur hrd dun go stright to market and buy new one...just borrow frm someone n try plugging it...

i think ur hard disk has ben worn out..
keep chillin'
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