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I have the telugu (indian language) font (ttf) downloaded from one of the websites. I also have a Transliteration tool so no problems on that front. I downloaded WEFT and made a eof file. And during making the eo, it asked me, if i want to restrict the use of the eot file in a particular domain and i choose my domain. So wrt to users using explorer my problem is solved.

Now coming to netscape users. I need to make a ".pfr" file, and as i understand "webfont maker" and "hexweb fonntography"
(not sure of the names) are the tools and unfortunately, very costly.

Just to give a try I went to one of the websites using the font i want to use and  saw the link to the -pfr file he uses and downloaded it (it allowed!) and then i used a link to this .pfr file in my domain and saw that IT WORKS!

Is this possible? doesnt webfont maker and the other tool have options to restrict the use of these files in particular doamins?

Or is it that there is a default option to use it in any domain kind.

Please do tell me. And by the way, the font maker had a problem in my redistributing the font ( which i wont do!) but no problem in using it! using his  ".pfr", will it lead to some copyright violation or anything like that.

All your suggestions on this are welcome.

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Most foreign language font packs are public domain, and if they're not, you shouldn't expect the typeface version of the RIAA to break down your door. You can find out who owns the copyright of your font by opening the original TTF file. Perhaps you could ask the creator of the typeface to use the face for whatever purpose you are using it for. I am sure it won't be a problem, I can't imaginge the creator of the typeface of this language to be in it for the money...



Thanks sina

by the way has anyone got thr trial version of webfont maker and can pass me on?

I went thorough the websites of bitstream and the links therein but in vain.

Can anyone help me?


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