Flatfile login system.

Hello all, i'm making the move from ASP to PHP, especially since I moved from window to linux. Anyway, I'm looking at writing a flat-file login system, unfortunatley, i'm stumped.  The actual login data file would look like this:


and then the next user and so on and so forth. So far, i'm reading each user into an array, like so:

$filename = "accounts";
$struser = explode("[USER=",fread(fopen($filename,"r"), filesize($filename)));

echo $struser[1];
echo "<br />";
echo $struser[2];

The next step, I guess, would be to get the line "PASSWORD=" and see if it corresponds to the relevant username entered into the form. This is where I loose it ;P, any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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$handle = fopen($filename,"r");
$struser = explode("\n", $handle);

try something like this
Give this a shot, calling the authenticateUser() function will return an array of user data if successful, or null and echo an error if it fails.  You could change it around so it returns the error message instead, or sets an error string passed by reference, or just get rid of the echo statements entirely.

function authenticateUser($username, $password) {
      $fp = fopen('data.txt', 'r');
      $out = null;
      $data = array();
      while (!feof($fp)) {
            $line = trim(fgets($fp, 4096));
            if (substr($line, 0, 1)=='[') {
                  $line = substr($line, 1, strlen($line) - 2);
            $index = strpos($line, '=');
            $key = substr($line, 0, $index);
            $value = substr($line, $index+1);
            if ($key=='USER') {
                  if (@$data['USER']==$username) {
                        if ($data['PASSWORD'] != $password) {
                              // login failed
                              echo "Your username and password did not match!";
                              $out = false;
                        } else {
                              // login succeeded
                              $out = $data;
                  } else {
                        $data = array();
            $data[$key] = $value;
      if ($out === null) echo "No username by that name exists";
      return $out;

authenticateUser('Dave', 'password');


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DaveHopeAuthor Commented:
Thanks VERY much, I dont think i'd have ever got that by myself!
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