how can i create requiredFieldValidator via code-behind?

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hi, previous someone gave me the following answer for creating a validator for field behind. it worked, but it wasn't the validator i needed. i tried to reformat it for mine and i can't get it to work. i'll post previous answer first, and then my retooling. can anyone help me how to retool this to make it a RequiredFieldValidator? thanks!

previous answer:
Accepted Answer from detaybey                        
            Date: 08/23/2003 10:44PM PDT          

             I believe dummy field could create problems (cause validator will try to check that dummy)

anyways, there is a better way..

put a dummy LABEL to form (i.e. under textbox) .. and try this;


Dim myCompare As CompareValidator = New CompareValidator

        With myCompare
            .ControlToValidate = "TextBox1"         '
            .ErrorMessage = "Numbers Only"
            .Display = ValidatorDisplay.Dynamic
            .Operator = ValidationCompareOperator.DataTypeCheck
            .Type = ValidationDataType.Integer
            .EnableClientScript = True
        End With



this is creating a datatypecheck validator via behind-code. you can create any validator when ever you need with this way.


My "re-tooling" to get it to work for RequiredFieldValidator, which hasn't worked yet.

Dim myRequired1 As RequiredFieldValidator = New RequiredFieldValidator
                With myRequired1
                    .ControlToValidate = "pub1"
                    .ErrorMessage = "Publication #1"
                    .Display = ValidatorDisplay.Dynamic
                    .Text = "Please provide publication."
                End With


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Here's what I did and it worked:

- Used your code
- PubDummy is a label
- Left the textbox empty
- Added and pressed a button to cause a postback
- Error message appears

Or am I reading your problem wrong?
Zlatin ZlatevSenior Technical Architect, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

@trevoray, what actually is wrong with your code?
What should happen and what happens? What you do to reproduce this behaviour?

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