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I  have an application running on Apache Tomcat/4.1.24 and Oracle database with JDBC connection. I want to run my application on local network as well as on internet with IP address. I don't have experience in it. What tools are required and how to configure them. In this regard any documentations ,suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
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on local machine, i have
where as to connect sur local network, how i have to change this port to IP address of my PC but how
whether i need to run IIS services?
where i have to put my pages on the PC so that i can be accessed by either local network or internet?
whether  i put in the folder:              C:\Inetpub\wwwroot  
i have not any idea about this thats why i have put this question
i hope you will understand my problems. thanks
Tomcat can serve as an app server and webserver but not as a dns server.
To access your website in the intranet you need to have a server that is accessible via the internet and have its IP address published to a DNS server (your own or a service provider) that will map your sites domain name to the ip address.
I believe win2k advanced server has a dns server built in.
tomcat can handle internet connections.
you still have to use the port
if you don't want to use the 8080 port.  Either have tomcat listen on port 80 or bring IIS into the picture.

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