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I need to find some forum software that will run on CF 5.0 and CFMX (because we are upgrading in the next few months).  I have some fairly stringent requirements for this software.  I am willing to pay for it although free is good too. :-)

Here are the requirements:

(1) User Profile showing at least:
      (a) Name
      (b) email (when click on email address, generates an email)
      (c) Work History
(2) Attach documents
(3) Subscribe to thread
(4) New Post Notifications
(5) Search
(6) Ability to customize look (i.e. add company logo)
(7) Make global announcements
(8) Hot topics
(9) Ad Free
(10) Private (password/username required)
(11) User interface is relatively easy to use

Here are some features we would like but aren't requirements:

(12) Guest tracking (see how many are browsing forum)
(13) Post to message board using email
(14) Favorites list (bookmarking)

If you know of any forum software that meets these requirements (or most of the requirements on the list) and will work with both CFMX and CF 5.0, could you provide a link?  Thank you.

Justin Kohlhepp
New Standard Institute
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I wld like to know as well

cos all these while ive been creating things on my own .. guess a lots available on the net
Normally, and especially for this many points, I would research your requirements before posting, but I'm under the weather today (and probably shouldn't be in front of the computer). So, I'm sorry, but here is a list of forum packages to consider: (not sure about MX)

Also, the following currently doesn't work with MX, but it is free.

What database do you plan to use?

Of these, I think FuseTalk does all that you want, although I'm not sure what you mean by "work history". When I feel better (probably tomorrow) I'll look a little deeper. Would you like a list of free PHP based forum packages?

I think this has almost everything you mentioned:

here is a link to purchase it:

(costs range between 100-950 dollars, depending on how many servers you want to put it on and if you want it open source)

everything is in this one (I was involved building this forum a few years ago)

You can download a demo!



well i didn't end up doing anything with this.  but thanks for the help everybody i will divide points amongst all.

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