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Hi all!
I wanna get a TV card, but I'm not sure what else I need for it to work (e.g. an aerial??)... Is there ANY other hardware or anything that I needa get OTHER than the TV card itself??

As I don't wanna go out and buy the card, only to find that I also needa spend loads on summin else, to make it work!


rob D
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(Do I just insert and install the TV card itself? And it auto tunes itself some how to all the channels it's capable of tuning into?)
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Yeah, the only thing you need is a signal can be a VCR, camcorder, normal cable television signal, or an aerial antennae if that's all you have.  Are you wanting to do video capture, or just watch TV on your PC?

You need a fairly healthy machine for the new generation of TV cards as they work a little like a Tivo or ReplayTV, digitizing the video as they go so you can pause and review. A 600mhz machine is probably minimum. You can use an aerial or a standard cable TV input plus whatever other inputs are provided on the card you select, normally SVIDEO and COMPOSITE which would allow you to run you DVD/VHS into it.

The tuning works just like a TV or VCR, you scan the available channels or select one manually.
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WHy not look at the  box or the manufacturer's website and see what the requirements are. Most hardware and software more complex than a floppy disk drive will have a hardware and software reuirements list. Yes, you need a fast enough processor, and big enough disk drive  running an  operating system they have drivers for. New cards may not support windows 95; older ones may not support 2000 or XP.

Cards i have seen will take antenna sattelite or cable signal source; they may also have RCA for VHS composiste video connector, may have red/white/yellow for left right and video, and may a lso have an SVHS connector

If you have a cable decoder  box - the cable  box will have to do channel selection  just lilke with the TV

and from my limited experience - a computer monitor is far better quality than your average TV screen...  Enjoy.
aver had a tuner which can work with or without a cpu also.....if you have pc, you could do capture and otherwise u could just connect a monitor and watch tv.

it was called joytv or something...
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