Exchange 2000 99.9999% availability

I need to know what are the option for had 99.9999% of availabilty in my Exchange 2000 server.
In the hardware area, software area, network area.

Thank for your help.
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It's not going to happen, a cluster will give you 99.99%, here's a whitepaper on setting it up:

This one claims 99.999%

Any higher than that isn't really achievable, claims that Lotus notes can do it but you are hard pushed to find network or power systems that offer 99.9999% uptime.

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In my Experience, MSCS will bring your availability DOWN.  We had MCS in here preaching their cluster mantra.  We couldnt see how mainboard component failures could improve our availability considering we were SAN attached and had few historic mainboard component outages.

What we DID find is that the complexity and unreliability of MSCS CREATED outages that brought availability down below %90.

I don't believe 5 9's are possible due to maintenance.  If you take away maintenance, it's possible for a single server with tight opertional processes and controls.

I have yet to hear about a production Exchange server with that much uptime. Six 9's is very very expensive and it's not even enough time for a reboot! But lets get started:

Hardware -
Stratus Announces 100 Percent Availability Guarantee on Microsoft Windows Server Platform
new 99.9999% power availability for IT systems

Software - Clusters!;en-us;326271

Network -

Internet OC-3 - OC-192
Starting at $8,750/mo

Redundant Networks guarantees up to "six nines" uptime (offsite co-location)

More Info: <- old but good

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ZamusAuthor Commented:
Andyalder, OneHump.

Thank's for the comment and suggest.
I found the Veritas Edition soultion
And i still looking for the best way to rich at least the 99.999%

Thank you.
Viva Mexico !!!! 16 de Septiembre mes de la patria!!!!
ZamusAuthor Commented:
Wow !! daJAm.

That's what i call !Information!
Thank you very mouch!

Sergio Lopez
I honestly don't think you can with maintenance outages, especially at the rate MS is issuing security patches.  If you don't want to count maintenance, you should probably review what outages are causing down time and look at ways to improve those specific areas.  

For example, if you keep running out of disk space, a cluster solution won't help.  You may need to look at your backup strategy to ensure transaction logs are backed up at appropriate intervals.  You would also need to put operational processes in place to ensure that action is taken as soon as a backup is missed.

Another example is a disk failure.  If your server went down due to a disk failure, you may need to review your storage strategy.  Perhaps your storage was redundant, but no one noticed that a hot spare had been in use for 6 months before it failed.

Finally, if you keep having mainboard or controller failures, clustering might help.  I would personally take another look at my hardware vendor before going to a clustering solution.

My point is that a clustering solution is only going to fix a very small scope of problems.  The majority of problems that will keep you from achieving 99.999 are related to poor operational practices.

I'm not a big fan of clustering Exchange servers.

ZamusAuthor Commented:

Your comment hit my option to recommend the cluster solution.
Let me find more information about the cluster, in another document's i read the same opinion.

I have to agree with OneHump about MSCS making it more unreliable by complicating the solution, best you can get is two single servers on 2 SANs with replication between them but you can't even play the logfiles back in 3.7 seconds let alone reboot and a normal client can't switch between one physical MAC address to another in less than 10 seconds.

The biggest problem with Exchange isn't hardware failure but data corruption so you're stuck with taking regular snapshots.
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