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I have 2 hard drives.   My C: drive (master drive) had WinMe on it.   My D: drive (slave drive) has win2000 on it.

I want to move my slave drive to become my master drive, but when I do it the drive letter becomes c:\.  Which of course will cause the programs loaded on win2000 to fail.

How can I move my harddrive that has win2000 to become master and have it stay as the d: drive?
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Primary IDE will always recognize the first drive you install to be C:
and sequentially after that D: E: F: etc...
your programs will still be accessible but through a different path.
If you just want to make changes from Master to Slave, you will need to change the jumper settings on the back of your harddrives. but keep in mind if you don't have an MBR for the master your PC will not boot.

I don't want to confuse you....are you trying to multi-boot?
Why do want to switch?
What is the primary reason for Drive change?  
I read your other submittal,

you have to have an active operating system on C:
you can multi boot OS's but one OS has to reside on C:

If you want to only use Widows 2000, it will have to reside on C:

to do this,
put your Windows 2000 harddrive on IDE set pin to Master or Cable Select

obtain correct boot disks from
boot to floppy
make Active partition selection
then run
this will create a new boot.ini file for Windows 2000 on C:

boot windows:)
then you will have to reinstall some of the programs that paths are disrupted on



I installed another version of win2000 on by master (c:\) drive and I can load into that one, but I am still unable to load into win2000 on my slave.

Any ideas on how to fix it?


Ok I fixed by modifiying the boot.ini file.

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