Slow login using roaming profiles and wireless laptop

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It takes approx. 1 hour (sometimes longer; no lie) for our users to login/logoff to the network (domain) using their wireless laptops.
The laptops: Windows XP
                     Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter
The network: Windows 2000 Server using Active Directory and Roaming profiles.

I'm not sure what the wireless access point is, but I don't think it matters  because we have serveral, most different, and all have the same issue.
If an administrator ( NO roaming profile) logs in/off to the same laptop; same wireless points, it logs in/off in less than 30 sec.

I am convinced this is a roaming profiles/syncronization problem, but just don't know where to begin to look.

Thanks in advance
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Thanks I'll give it a try.

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