dead onboard ide controller, still hope?

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I have an old 166mhz packard bell running some machining equipment out in the shop.  Just last week we had a pretty bad lightning storm that seems to have damaged the computer.  The power line was on a UPS and the serial cable was also on an APC surge supressor.  It looks as though they didn't do much good though.

I came in that morning to find the computer sitting at the "OS load in progress" screen right after post.  I reset hoping it would come back up but now it wont boot past that screen.  The above screen comes up and then the floppy activity light turns on and stays on indenfinatly.  I cant even get it to boot to a win98 emergency floppy.  I've checked the hard drive in another computer and it seems fine.

I've tried replacing the harddrive, memory, processor, floppy drive, and PSU all to no avail.  The only other thing I can think of is the onboard IDE controller might be fried.  I'm thinking I might be able to buy a pci ide controller and boot up with that, however I've never used one before.  I'm unsure if I'll be able to boot using the card if I have no way of loading any drivers.

Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.  I'd rather not have to reinstall my OS and all the shop applications if I can possibly help it.

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If you've tried replacing the harddrive, memory, processor, floppy drive, and PSU all to no avail, then it seems likely that the mobo is fried.

Its the one thing that you haven't replaced.
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You could try your hard disk on another motherboard and see if it starts up.

If it does startup it will scream and moan about the new hardware it finds but start it will.

Similarly a PCI/IDE controller card should work for you.  You will have to disable the IDE settings in the BIOS.

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