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Hello ISA gurus,

I want to know if it is possible to use ISA Server Firewall service in this scenario :

- All computer in this scenario are all in the same domain.
- All client usa ISA Firewall Client
- ISA Server is in Cilsco PIX DMZ
- Network :

Remote Network----------PIX---------Main Network

I want to use ISA Firewall service to authenticate protocol (user X access protocol X) for Client in remote network :

- Client --> DMZ for infrastructure protocol (DNS, DHCP, Autentication, LDAP...)
- Client --> Main network (HTTP Web access)

Do i can to this with ISA unihomed computer (one nic) ?

Hiow i configure ISA (basically) ?

Thanks you
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IMHO, "Microsoft" "server" and "Firewall" do not belong in the same sentence.
You have a PIX. The PIX is a "real" firewall.
I think you might want to use Microsoft Radius (IAS - Internet Authentication Service) as opposed to ISA)??

Can you be more specific on what you mean by:
>I want to use ISA Firewall service to authenticate protocol (user X access protocol X)

What you are referring to here looks like simple routing/access-list issues if you have the clients terminate on the PIX FW instead of the ISA server...

>- Client --> Main network (HTTP Web access)
??? Do you mean web access to INTERNAL servers, or web access to EXTERNAL servers, using the ISA as a Proxy?

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