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Is there a way to make windows 9x prompt for username and password when accessing nt/2000/xp/linux shares instead of only asking for password and using login name as username?

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TodosNetwork Engineer


Check the help within windows 9x for using the NET USE command in the command prompt. I beliebe options can be given while connecting to a share with this command in the command shell to use another username and pw.



Net Use /?

Connects or disconnects your computer from a shared
resource or displays information about your

NET USE [drive: | *] [\\computer\directory [password | ?]]
    [/SAVEPW:NO] [/YES] [/NO]
NET USE [port:] [\\computer\printer [password | ?]]
    [/SAVEPW:NO] [/YES] [/NO]

NET USE drive: | \\computer\directory /DELETE [/YES]
NET USE port: | \\computer\printer /DELETE [/YES]

NET USE drive: | * /HOME

  drive       Specifies the drive letter you assign to a
              shared directory.
  *           Specifies the next available drive letter.
              If used with /DELETE, specifies to
              disconnect all of your connections.
  port        Specifies the parallel (LPT) port name you
              assign to a shared printer.
  computer    Specifies the name of the computer sharing
              the resource.
  directory   Specifies the name of the shared directory.
  printer     Specifies the name of the shared printer.
  password    Specifies the password for the shared
              resource, if any.
  ?           Specifies that you want to be prompted for the
              password of the shared resource. You don't
              need to use this option unless the password is
  /SAVEPW:NO  Specifies that the password you type
              should not be saved in your password-list
              file. You need to retype the password the
              next time you connect to this resource.
  /YES        Carries out the NET USE command without
              first prompting you to provide information or
              confirm actions.
  /DELETE     Breaks the specified connection to a shared
  /NO         Carries out the NET USE command, responding
              with NO automatically when you are prompted
              to confirm actions.
  /HOME       Makes a connection to your HOME directory if
              one is specified in your LAN Manager or
              Windows NT user account.

There is nothing to change username here, only password.
Thanks anyway :)
TodosNetwork Engineer


Isnt there something you can do with the NET USER command? Can be a wild chase, but i do believe there is a way to connect to shares as another user then the one logged on. Not 100% sure tough, so im sorry if im wrong:).

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John Gates, CISSPSecurity Professional

The password used by Windows 98 is the default user that is logged into the system.  So Windows 2000 will not prompt as Windows 98 is where the problem is....  but you can create users on the windows 2000 share that are equal to the users logon and all should work with no prompts at all.


That is correct.
Let me explain why I need this.
I need to be able to access two different shares, with different usernames. At the moment I have to reboot between sessions.
The usernames on the shares I am accessing are fixed.

Why was this so poorly implemented in win9x?
John Gates, CISSPSecurity Professional

Because it is a predecessor to the current OS =-(  Assign usernames you create in W2K to both shares and away you go..  Short of that I will research further but this may be the only way to do it.

Hope this helps.

I think that win9X cannot cope with more than one user at a time (i.e. you cannot logon to a resource using other than
the username used to logon to the computer). That's why you're only prompted for password.
Security Professional
I should probably explain further take folder A in W2K create two usernames (the same you have in W98) and matching passwords.  On both shares add both users to each share and apply appropriate permissions.  This way not matter which logon you use both shares are accessible.  This is the only way to get it to work with W98.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your input.

This is the fudge I have been using until now.
I am quite disappointed in this lack of funtionality in 9x, and upgrading to win2k or XP on every workstation is not really an option due to cost in my office (too many licences).

It seems there is no solution to this problem, only workarounds.

I guess I should accept an answer from dimante for trying to help the most :)
John Gates, CISSPSecurity Professional

I will keep this question tagged and if I come up with something different I will post again =-)


Thanks :)

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