Create temp table using xp_cmdshell in MS SQL Server 2000

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I am creating a stored procedure that will update a table from the current contents of a specified directory based on the last time the stored proc ran. I am using the following to create the temp table:

        create table #tmp(result varchar(255))
        insert into #tmp exec xp_cmdshell 'dir c:\[path]'

However, this returns the results of the 'dir' cmd to one result column and, the only data that I need is the file names. I'm not positive this is even the best method to achieve my desired results. Does anyone have comments or an alternate solution?
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Just a quick hint -- use the /b option on your DIR command, and all you will get is the file names:

       create table #tmp(result varchar(255))
       insert into #tmp exec xp_cmdshell 'dir c:\[path] /b'
Strange - 3rd time today I've given out this code

create table #Dir (s varchar(8000))
      select      @cmd = 'dir /B ' + @FilePath + @FileNameMask
      delete #Dir
      insert #Dir exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmd
      delete #Dir where s is null or s like '%not found%'
      while exists (select * from #Dir)
            select       @FileName = min(s) from #Dir
            select      @File = @FilePath + @FileName
(the delete #dir is because I use the same temp table for multiple directories. Not needed if you only need it once.)


There I go again, over thinking a problem.  Thanks for the reminder :)

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