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i know pretty much nothing about c++, but since i have it (came with visual studio 6) i figured i might as well try to learn. i want a program that just reads xml style rss news feeds. i want it to read from 2 or 3 sites
thats it. thats the only thing i want it to do. just a form with 3 labels or 3 textboxes that reads rss feeds. i want it to reload everytime it gets to the end, that way it always shows recent info. its just for personal use. i thnk it would be cool. also if it could start the feeds on form load that would be good. that way the user doesnt have to do anything. i would do it myself but i have no clue where to even start.

i dont know how possible this is, but i wanna try.
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What is your simple question? :-)

A simple question is one that only requires a one sentance or one paragraph answer.
The broad and very general question you're asking above is way too complex to answer in once sentance or even one paragraph.

Please post a specific question, so that we can provide you with a specific answer.


i do i get a rss feed to show up on a label on an app.
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>>i do i get a rss feed to show up on a label on an app.

You're question is still to ambiguous.

This is like asking how do you put a car together.  ...... (What type of car, what type of parts are you starting with, how many workers, what type of tools, etc....)

Please post a more detailed question.

What is your OS?
What compiler are you using?
What is your application type? (MFC, Win32-App,  Win32-Console)
What is the source of your data?

If you're having trouble defining the question, then it's obvious that the question is not simple.


im using visual c++, on windows xp pro. i just want it to read an xml from a given site.
no user input. its just for one site. thats all i want on the app, but dont know anything bout c++.
You can create an MFC project, and use CHtmlView or IWebBrowser2 to get the data from the website.

Then parse the information into a CListBox or CListCtrl.

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